Current and future media trends, newsworthy topics, and tie-ins of the past year

From politics to business to holiday trends, 2019 saw several different media topics trend and make headline news. With the help of PR professionals, companies can leverage trending news stories to garner attention to their brands. 

So how exactly does this work? 

Public relations specialists are trained storytellers. Relating your brand to newsworthy stories is an effective way for a business to position themselves as the expert and reach new audiences. Staying on top of current and future trends in media will help ensure your brand remains relevant.

Let’s take a look back at this year’s most newsworthy topics and examine how PR relates these media trends to businesses to tell a compelling story. 

A new addition to the royal family. Lifestyle brands can be strategic in the ways they relate their products to concurrent events. The birth of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle’s son, Archie, gives way for many companies to provide tips and tricks for new moms. For instance — a container store could share storage tips for moms to keep the house clutter-free. A health provider could share insights on when it’s safe to bring an infant into the public. Using this newsworthy topic as a foundation for your story idea helps entice editors and producers looking for fun angles to share with their viewers and readers. 

Wildfires in California. A philanthropic angle is always appreciated, and companies can bolster the image of their brand by giving back to local communities. If your brand finds a cause you’re interested in partnering with or championing, there is likely a story worth sharing. Want recognition on a larger scale? Pick a cause that has impacted a wide array of people.  

Any data breach ever. IT companies LOVE to talk about data safety. From cloud computing to ethical hacking, tech companies can speak on a number of different topics. 

Flu season. Your business doesn’t necessarily have to fall under the healthcare sector to leverage flu season as a way to enter the news space. Finding ways to connect your brand with this newsworthy topic is part of public relations. A CBD brand, for example, may be able to speak to the pain-relieving properties of CBD as it helps to mitigate flu aches and soreness. In contrast, a workout brand may choose to talk about the different ways exercise can help prevent sickness. Businesses can take advantage of trending and ongoing news to inform the public and secure media coverage about how their services relate to flu season. 

Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years. There’s no doubt that the holidays always bring with them a certain buzz and lots of potential tie-ins. Holiday travel tips. Health tips. Philanthropic story angles. Ways to maintain your New Year’s resolutions. PR experts can frame your brand’s services or products in ways that help you capitalize on the holiday season. 

The Bachelor. As much as we may hate to admit it, celebrities are always newsworthy. During the whirlwind of this year’s season of The Bachelor, PR pros worked to build stories from topics that might seem like a stretch. One pitch example: “Colton and Cassie’s engagement may not be a thing yet, but yours can be — Here are the top 5 engagement rings that will ensure she says ‘I Do.'” Nice tie-in! Lifestyle brands, with help from PR professionals, can put a funny or newsworthy spin on current events. 

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