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Crisis Averted: Managing Social Media Gone Wrong

Serendipit discusses social media crisis management and the necessary steps you should take to maintain a positive brand image.

The Social Media Crisis: we’ve all witnessed one at one time or another – the accidental personal post, the failed hashtag, the insensitive response….

A social media crisis is an online situation that has the potential to negatively impact your brand and its reputation long-term. Though you may think, “That could never happen to me!” it’s important to be prepared because, well, it could. Should you find yourself in this scenario, it’s best to be prepared so you don’t struggle to handle it as it happens.

A few tips for handling a social media crisis:

  • Respond quickly. Maybe you aren’t 100% sure how that post got approved or who is responsible. In the meantime, clarify to your audience that something’s up and that you are investigating to ensure your followers that you are handling it.
  • Escalation Plan. Follow your brand’s escalation plan to confirm next steps and who should be informed of the crisis. Should you not have a plan in place yet and you are not sure of the best way to respond to this concern, ask the rest of your team! Perhaps someone else knows the best way to word your responses.
  • Own up to it. If you messed up, you messed up. Explain what happened the best you can. Feel free to use some humor or personality (if appropriate) or create a blog post on your website to further explain the problem and the steps taken to remedy it.
  • Be human. More often than not, a fake-sounding apology only fuels the fire and results in an even bigger social media disaster.
  • Let people vent. Negativity hurts and can be incredibly draining. Resist all urges to hide or delete any negative comments. Chances are that you will be called out for this, which results in (you guessed it) even more negativity. Instead of deleting, craft genuine responses to critics.
  • Take notes. You survived the crisis – and you probably learned a thing or two. Take notes and keep in mind what you did so that you are more prepared for next time – and share this with the rest of your branding team by updating the escalation plan in place.

At Serendipit, we’re prepared to handle any social media problem that is thrown our way. Our marketing and PR expertise enables all of our team members to craft the perfect responses while maintaining flexibility to stay on top of any situation – and avoid a crisis in the first place.

Need help crafting a social media crisis management plan and escalation strategy for your brand? Give Serendipit Consulting a call today at 602-238-5209!

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