Weekly Wrap-Up: Engaging Social Media Campaigns

-Engaging Social Media Campaigns- Serendipit Consulting Provides you with a Wrap-Up of Engaging Social Media Campaigns. Successful social media campaigns are all about the conversation. Engaging with your followers, in order to gain their trust, is the first step to … Continue reading

How to Use Pinterest for Real Estate

How to Use Pinterest for Real Estate Learn how to effectively use Pinterest to target the real estate market. A real estate agent’s images are an essential tool to their business as is their marketing. One digital communication trend that … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up: Best Movie Advertisements

We would first like to start this weekly wrap-up by giving our condolences to all of the victims and their families affected by last night’s tragic shooting.  Our thoughts and prayers will be with everyone. Everyone at the Serendipit office … Continue reading

Introducing the Facebook ‘Want’ Button

-Facebook Update- The e-commerce world has skyrocketed in the last few years and continues to create new tools that generate consumer wants. With the recent Pinterest revolution, it is only natural for Facebook to jump on the bandwagon and give shopaholics a … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up: Social Media Updates and Improvements

The Social Media world, as it continues to grow and expand, has recently implemented some very useful tools that everyone should take advantage of. Not only have Facebook and Twitter launched new additions to their platforms, but outlets such as … Continue reading