Live video is great when you want to share your content visually, but is it worth it for audio content creators such as podcasts?

Facebook has noticed that some Facebook Live users preferred sharing their content through an audio only format, even to the point where users would leave a static image. After receiving feedback from their publishers, Facebook has announced a new streaming format for Facebook Live called Facebook Live Audio.


Live Audio will function the same as Facebook Live, except users will no longer need to be in front of a camera.  Looks like camera-shy people have been rescued by Facebook. Live Audio is perfect for users who want to stream podcasts, interviews, music studio sessions, and much more audio focused content. This is also a great streaming option for users in low connectivity areas where the quality of live video diminishes. Another great feature about Live Audio is that users can listen to the audio broadcast as they browse Facebook or when you leave the app on Android devices.

For marketers, this means a new option to engage with your audience without having to worry about what’s in front of the camera or video experience. One interesting way marketers could use Live Audio is to frequently stream podcasts without the need of a recording studio. For now Facebook is testing Live Audio with their partners such as BBC World Service, but this is a tool marketers should keep an eye out for in 2017.