New Branding Trends on Social Media

October 2019 passed by so quickly, some say you can still see the new branding trends it left behind. Social media was host to all things spooky, but hidden inside are the secrets to growing your brand.

Social Posts

To bring more life and attention to your social media posts in October, integrating Halloween into posts will help the viewer relate to your post. Not every post needs to be promotional. By creating a normal, everyday, relatable image it can evoke an emotional response from your audience. The eCommerce giant, Wish, posted a photo of a child’s room decorated for Halloween. Nothing corporate about the post, just a relatable photo that received a lot of engagement.

Older Halloweeners are solidifying an “experience” trend by throwing costume parties and participating in fashion shows to display their costumes. Adding these experiential elements to social posts allows your audience to engage with your account in an exciting way. 

Millennials have been shown to be more likely to dress up for Halloween, often searching the internet for costume ideas. Adding fun costumes and ideas into your social posts will attract the attention of these consumers and build your brand’s relationships.

Profile Pictures

To keep up with the new branding trends of 2019, creating seasonal profile pictures for your social media is a creative way to get your brand into the conversation. Fans will enjoy the seasonal twist and be more likely to remember your brand. 

Tapatio, the Californian hot sauce, nailed the seasonal look. Tapatio fans loved the new logo so much that they were requesting it be made into a limited edition T-shirt which could be purchased online.