Two brands that sell the sizzle recently unveiled new redesigns. Burger King entered the grease-stained arena first with a retro-inspired rebrand, followed by a similarly influenced packaging unveil from McDonald’s.


Credit: Burger King, McDonald’s

Both burger powerhouses approached their redesigns with a minimalistic approach, echoing a larger trend of flat design. Simple illustration-first graphics, vibrant colors and a focus on the core elements of each brand are brought to the forefront (fryfront?). Mickey D’s overhaul highlights the simple elements of each offering, while BK goes heavy on the old-school font and descriptive terms.

BK went all out, introducing a new version of its logo while McDonald’s didn’t touch their iconic golden arches. When you have one of the most iconic logos of all-time, that’s a good call.

Feeling a heavy dose of nostalgia? Be ready for a lot more of it as brands embrace nostalgia marketing as consumers search for a return to normalcy. *Side note, can we stop talking about the new normal? Normal isn’t a thing anymore – we’re in the age of disruption and constant change.*

As for the winner of the Great Burger War of 2021, Ad Age-Harris recently released survey results that give a slight edge towards Burger King’s new look, according to consumers. Time will tell which design release has the biggest impact on sales. On the flip side (of the patty), we are excited to see Wendy’s response – unless they stick to Twitter fingers over design fingers.

Our rec? Grab In-N-Out Burger instead. They’ve been embracing simplicity from day one.

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