It’s been over three years since Casey Anthony made national headlines over the unknown whereabouts of her 2-year old daughter Caylee Anthony. Only a few months later were Caylee’s skeletal remains found, on December 11th of 2008. From that point on, Casey had the nation’s attention as this case and trial were soon on its way to make her infamous. There are many twists and turns throughout the months and years between Casey’s arrest and her eventual not guilty verdict, so we thought a timeline provided by the Huffington Post would get you caught up on what went down and when. While most, if not all, would agree that the verdict of not guilty was flat out wrong, you should remember that “beyond a reason of a doubt” is what keeps (truly) innocent people out of jail too, we only get to see the times when this system falters. One thing is certain, Casey Anthony’s life will never be the same (she was tweeted more than Osama Bin Laden’s death!) and she’ll never completely be a free person. What’s your opinion on this entire trial? Does your verdict match the jury’s? Let us know on our Twitter or Facebook!

For our friends in Arizona, if you’re reading this, then you can say you survived The Amazing Dust Storm of 2011! Living under a rock during this storm might’ve not been a bad idea. According to the National Weather Service, the dust storm originated in Tucson and managed to travel 200 miles to the Phoenix Metropolitan area, moving at a steady pace of 30 mph. Cities within the Valley were experiencing power outages, destroyed landscape and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport had to shut down for about an hour, causing some flight delays. Driving in this storm was nearly impossible without the use of high beams and less use of the acceleration pedal. Where were you when this happened?
(We felt a video would only suffice to show the massiveness and speed of this dense cloud of dust)

In last week’s post, we talked about Google+ and how it’s Google’s hitman to take out the social network juggernaut known as Facebook. In this week’s top story of Ironic News, the most popular user so far on Google+ is CEO and creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, with more than 29,000 “followers” on the site. That’s 10,000 more followers than the 2nd most followed person, Google’s CEO Larry Page. The bigger news to follow this though is Facebook’s announcement of its new video chat capabilities, powered by the technology of Microsoft owned Skype. In addition to Facebook chat and video, this new service will support traditional person-to-person calls as well as multi-person group chats.  This kind of service has been in the works for months but the release is in time to rival Google+ video calling feature, ‘Hangouts’. The Google’s social network is still invitation only but it’s already getting great reviews, so all we have to ask is, do you think you’ll be making the switch? Let us know on Twitter and/or Goog…I mean, Facebook!