Netflix recently announced the documentary, “The Last Blockbuster”, will be available for streaming on March 15.

Blockbuster had a chance to buy Netflix back in the day for $50 million. They chose…poorly. The last vestige of the Blockbuster dynasty is the one and only remaining store in Bend, Oregon. The documentary focuses on the last store, which is still serving (socially-distanced) customers. 

I still have fond memories of Blockbuster. So, I wrote a letter of a long lost love. 

Dearest Blockbuster, 

It has been years since we last talked. Years since I stepped into your fluorescent lit rows of movies, games, TV shows. Always pacing, looking for that perfect choice. Blockbuster card in the wallet. Laminated. Ready for action. 

I knew how to touch all the right buttons. Play. Be Kind, Rewind. Fast Forward. The sounds of the VHS tape cycling back to the beginning. Then later…the DVDs. Hearing the whirl of excitement as the opening selections popped up on the screen. Our relationship was fast and furious. Then, 2 Fast 2 Furious. 

Then, it wasn’t. You tried to hang on, but it faded away. 

The playing field expanded. I have more options (like a lot of options…like a lot, a lot, a lot of options.) There are the Plus options. The Max/Prime options. Of course, Netflix. The one that got away. 

I see why you didn’t think you needed to change. The heart of the experience is still the same. We throw in the popcorn, get comfortable on the couch and spend the time with loved ones (or liked ones, depending on your family/friends.) That 30-minute trip to see you turned into 45 minutes of mindless scrolling trying to figure out what to watch. But, it’s on our time. It’s easier. It’s catered to me. Let’s face it, I was always the one demanding more out of our relationship.  

I think about you now with the brands I work with. At the heart of everything we do is still those experiences. We have to perfect the delivery of those. To make it as easy as possible. As human as possible. More will always be demanded. Brand love is needy like that. 

Loyalty is fleeting. Constantly creating ways to make each experience better than the last is the only way to hold on. 

I wish you had learned that Blockbuster. Maybe our love could have endured. At least I’ll always have that DVD of Super Troopers I never returned. 

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