The #brands were back at it for April Fools’ Day after taking 2020 off. As someone who actually enjoys the show “Impractical Jokers”, you’d probably think I would be all about marketers taking advantage of the occasion to make as many jokes as possible. That’s not the case. We spend our days crafting the brands we work with, ensuring that customers/clients/advocates have the most authentic experience possible at every single touchpoint. That means that not every business has (or should have) a fast-talking, wise-cracking, hilarious persona.

If you’re one of the few brands where making jokes fits into your positioning, go for it and make sure you do it well. Also, give me a call, I ❤️  you and we belong together.

Instead of those few brands doing what they do best, we get every brand jumping into the fray.

Best case you get a couple more social media impressions and some cheap laughs. Worst case, you offend people and cause damage to the brand that you’ve worked so hard on to build into an authentic extension of the team’s core values.

Not everyone gets it right – here are our TOP 5 worst April Fools’ Day attempts for 2021.

Hidden Valley:



No. Please, just stop it.

Green Giant + Peeps:

I give up.


*Enter boardroom*

Random dude who thinks he is a marketer: Ok, I got it. We change our name to Voltswagon and start teasing it like March 29. The people will LOVE it.

Branding team: You know one of our missions is to make the world a better place, more sustainable…not sure how making that a joke for some social media impressions helps our brand. I mean, we’re literally moving forward with an electric-vehicle plan and on track to become the world’s largest battery-vehicle manufacturer.

Random dude: #voltswagon…get it…cuz like volts is electric

Branding team: This isn’t even following the completely subjective rules of April Fools’ Day! Teasing it in March? Guys, that isn’t even April. Are you even listening?

Random dude: #voltswagon goes brrrrrrr

*5 months later*

*close scene*


I take back everything I said, this is the greatest fake holiday of all time. I’ll take one order of all of them. I don’t just want these, I need these more than anything I’ve ever needed before.

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