It’s March Madness and your bracket is already trash. Something called an “Oral Roberts” just beat Ohio State. Take a break with some quick commentary on marketing highlights from the week. 

 The Largest Bracket EVER Is On A Hotel In Indianapolis 

Think they are compensating for something? Breaking the Guinness World Record from 2015, the bracket measures in at 47,000 square feet on the side of the J.W. Marriott in downtown Indy. They’ll be updating the bracket throughout the tournament, which is a feat of its own – if you’re scared of heights, not the job you want. It took 100 hours to print, comprised of 800 individual blocks. My bracket is already shot, so it’s been torn into 800 tiny pieces of paper. Basically the same thing. 

Play Pac-Man on Your Pizza Hut Box

With the launch of their “Newstalgia” campaign, Pizza Hut teamed up with Pac-Man to offer an augmented reality version of the game directly on their pizza boxes. This nostalgia marketing trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, folks. Aimed at both older customers and a new generation of tech-savvy pizza aficionados, it will be interesting to see if we see a spike in Pizza Hut sales.  

White Castle Introduces AR Collector’s Cups

Also getting in on the nostalgia trend, White Castle teamed up with Coca-Cola to release a set of collectible cups that come to life through the power of augmented reality. Three big takeaways:

  • Nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia.
  • AR tech is being widely used in an effort to connect with younger consumers. Call it the “Pokémon GO” effect. 
  • When consumers make the effort to engage with brands through AR, they are spending more time interacting with those companies. In an environment where every brand is competing for event seconds of attention, this pays big dividends in brand recall and loyalty. I’d also imagine White Castle’s target audience will be in a certain state of mind to be truly amazed by an AR experience.

Clubhouse Take of The Week 

Is Clubhouse the latest PR tool? Check out our take on Clubhouse in our 2021 Marketing Trends blog.

Serendipit Slack Thread of The Week

Spring cleaning this year included about 100 binders we’ve accumulated over the years. We’ll end up donating them to a good cause, but there were some brilliant ideas thrown around with alternative endings.

Shameless Client Shoutout Of The Week

The most electric client we have! Check out Super Electric for the Valley’s finest electricians.

Serendipit Random Radio Song Addition Of The Week

“It’s Still Cool If You Don’t” – Briston Maroney

I’m not going to lie, I have no idea who this guy is. Sounds like a drink at a super fancy cocktail establishment. Like one of those drinks they serve that comes out on fire, smokes out the glass and costs $40. 

“Ah, yes, waiter…we’ll take an old-fashioned, a mojito and one of them Briston Maroney things.”