Philanthropy is an important aspect of business that should never be overlooked by a company. As brands continue to grow and gain awareness, giving back to the community will increase their societal presence and maintain their audience loyalty. Thus, philanthropy poses as a “win, win” for every company. Individual community work is great but companies have a large amount of power that comes with the name and size of each brand, and therefore can make a large impact on bettering society.

The World at Work partnered with Social Reality to create an app that integrates philanthropy into social branding. Their network creates viral, digital engagement programs resulting in positive awareness. They launched the Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good app this Monday on Facebook, asking users to vote for 1 out of 5 non-profits everyday for 100 days, and a daily winner will be given a new car.

Another great philanthropic technique is crowdsourced philanthropy. This is where companies heavily include the consumers into their service campaign. By asking the audience where they would like to see the company focus their community efforts, the company will not only strengthen their consumer relationship but also increase audience engagement. With crowdsourced philanthropy, it is important to remember the following components mentioned on Mashable:

  • Simplicity: The consumer submission and engagement process for a campaign should be user-friendly and easy to understand.
  • Think Long-Term: When constructing the campaign, keep in mind the company’s core, social goals. Don’t focus on short-term gains.
  • Think Outside the Box: Come up with a fun and unique idea that embodies your brand, and makes a difference in the community.

At Serendipit, we continue to help clients with community outreach, and integrate philanthropic campaigns into their marketing plan. Freidl Richardson Trial Lawyers recently delivered water to all the firefighters working hard to dispose of the Gladiator Fire currently threatening the Prescott National Forest. We cannot stress enough the importance of philanthropy, and we always encourage creativity when planning community outreach!