This past week, the Serendipit marketing team attended the 5th annual SMAZ (Social Media Arizona) Conference. This event brings together social media, online and marketing experts from around the valley. In other words, it was the perfect get-together for us “nerds”!

Our Faves
The most information-filled presentation we liked AND learned from: Matt O’Brien, MintSocial
We gained some fun insight into geo-listings for businesses, as well as more information on influencers. Best advice? Don’t get too enamored by numbers – target someone that you can get into that can put your information out for you.

Our absolute favorite presentation: Mike Roberts, Spyfu
Did you know that you can say “f$#k” in a video, but can’t write it out in a title? Mike Roberts gave a fantastic presentation – and provided some great insight in how NOT to use online ads. Cartoon unicorns and kittens now tie in with SEO in our brains.

What We Didn’t Like So Much…
The temperature in the “icebox” and the “hallway.” Trust us – we should have dressed for Alaska. There were more tweets about how cold it was than about the actual presentations.

What We Learned
We learned that everyone knows just as much as we do about Google+ for businesses…which isn’t too much. We also learned about a few new tricks that will help increase your SEO, especially with the changing social media platforms. Interested in increasing your online presence? Contact us for a free consultation.